Drifit Mesh

Polyester fabric mesh is generally used for creating casual garments and fashionwear, such as vests, dresses, and other items to be layered. Mesh is still incredibly popular in sportswear due to it’s breathability and being able to regulate temperature well. Polyester mesh is also used for creating the mesh screens used in screen-printing, due to it’s water-resistant properties and the miniature holes allowing ink to pass through the fabric.

Discover this wide range of sports fabric, specifically designed to help enhance your workout performance and help keep your body cool and dry throughout.

One very common but perhaps surprising use for mesh is in the medical industry; it has become commonplace in surgical procedures, and is primarily used to support organs or tissues. There are two main types of surgical mesh, temporary or permanent. A temporary sheet will dissolve in the body over time, whereas a permanent one will remain in the body. The loosely woven sheet of synthetic fibres is most commonly used in hernia surgery, or for prolapsed organs.

Polyester Mesh
Commonly used for athleticwear
Can wick away moisture



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