Thai Toray

Thai Toray Brand represents more than 47 years of consumer confidence and comfort. Thai Toray Fabric is a mixed spun textile consisting of polyester and viscose. Our unique blend combines viscose's top characteristics of comfort, lustre, and moisture absorbency with polyester's strength and high abrasion resistance to the optimum effect. The unique properties of Thai Toray Fabric have been proven...

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Tetron is a type of polyester or blended fabrics with cotton. Advantages of Polyester Strong Flexible Dries quickly Resists wrinkles and shrinking Inexpensive Tetron is a fabric made from two different materials: polyester (65%) and rayon (35%). Hakama made from tetron aren’t going to shrink like ones made from cotton. Cotton “wicks” perspiration away from your body. So, cotton will...

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Terry Rayon

Every man should own a suit. Whether your job requires you to wear one or not, certain occasions will arise that call for one. When an event or occasion is formal, you’ll have to choose something a bit more dressy than jeans and a t-shirt. Of course, a high-quality suit is the perfect choice of men’s formal wear, as it...

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Minimatte fabric is a multifunctional polyester fabric mainly intended for HoReCa industry. It is widely used for uniforms, aprons, table-cloth, decorative pillows. Mini Mat fabric is supplied both in printed and dyed types. Water repellent and Flame retardant finishes are available as options. Advantages of Minimatte Strong Flexible Dries quickly Resists wrinkles and shrinking Inexpensive It is undeniable that polyester...

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Istem is a kind of Cotton Duck, also simply duck, sometimes duck cloth or duck canvas — commonly called "canvas" outside the textile industry — is a heavy, plain-woven cotton or blended fabric. There is also linen duck, which is less often used. Duck fabric is woven with two yarns together in the warp and a single yarn in the...

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