Minimatte fabric is a multifunctional polyester fabric mainly intended for HoReCa industry. It is widely used for uniforms, aprons, table-cloth, decorative pillows. Mini Mat fabric is supplied both in printed and dyed types. Water repellent and Flame retardant finishes are available as options.

Advantages of Minimatte
Dries quickly
Resists wrinkles and shrinking

It is undeniable that polyester fabric has a huge variety of beneficial uses, in a wide variety of sectors. As with any synthetic material, reactions can occur, but these are vastly limited, especially when polyester is blended with other fibres, such as cotton. Adverse reactions to fabrics and textiles (even natural ones) are always a possibility, but overall, the use of polyester can be extremely beneficial and useful.

Modern polyesters can feel and look as beautiful as real silk and wool, but it is all about ensuring you opt for a high-grade version or the right blend. A lot of high end brands use polyester in their collections, mainly to increase durability, ease of care and exciting effects.

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