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NECKTIES  are not only a long piece of cloth, worn usually by men, for decorative purposes around the neck, resting under the shirt collar and knotted at the throat but it can also showcase its branding by embedding personalized design such texts, company logo, slogan, artworks, image and much more.  We are dedicated to satisfying our customer ensuring its availability, quality neckties and bow ties and continuous innovation that would add value to our customers. Coupled with our Embroidery and Printing services, we are at the high level of expertise in delivering ready-made or customized Neck Ties and Bow Ties. with your logo branding.

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We sell Neckties at wholesale and retail available in our shop located in Deira Dubai UAE.


Materials: Polyester

Size: 8-9cm width

Colors: Red, Navy Blue, Black

Or send us email to sales@theuniformworld.com

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In order to send you a proper quotation, please mention the following

  • Company Name, Contact and Address
  • Necktie Quantity requirements
  • Other requirements aside from Neckties (if any)
  • Attach the photo of our ready-made Neck Ties we have
  • Should you have a specific color or neckties design which is not available in our ready-made design, please send us the details. Will get back to you if we are able arrange as per your requirements, otherwise if it is for customization, MOQ applies (200pcs)


Q:  Do you have a minimum order for ready-made Neckties?

A:  No, however our pricing is also depending on the quantity

Q: I don't find my required Necktie design in your website, can you customize it and what is your minimum order?

A: Yes we can customize as per your design. Our minimum order to customize/stitch caps is 200pcs

Q:  Do you do only embroidery or printing on Neckties?

A:  Yes, we can do only embroidery or printing on neckties

Q:What are the prices and lead time to make our required custom neckties?

A: Send us all details such as quantity, necktie design, logo files or send us here in "Request a Quote" section.

We supply most of all types and sizes of neckties with the high level of stocks accepting from small to bulk orders:


Materials: Micro Fibre Polyester

Size: 9-10cm width

Suitable for: Gym & Fitness, Spa, Salon, Hotel and Gifting

Colors: Dark Grey, White, Black, Navy Blue


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As a Neckties Supplier in Dubai, we sell at wholesale and retail at best price coupled with our Embroidery services:


Materials: Micro Fibre

Size: 8cm width

Suitable for: Spa, Hotel, Pool and Gifting

Colors: Black, Blue, Navy Blue, Red

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We are in business as Neck Ties supplier in Dubai for several years with outstanding track record satisfying our customers.


Materials: Woven Micro Fibre

Size: 9-10cm width

Colors: as per above photos

  •  We take full responsibilities to ensure quality neckties and bow ties are delivered to you as per your requirement.
  • Submit to us your logo for branding and will assess for production
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