Cotton Drill

Drill has a twill weave which makes it a very strong, dense medium to heavy weight fabric. It’s a really popular choice for uniforms and work clothes but the vibrant colours lends itself to all sorts of other exciting garments including both tailored and casual designs, as well as children’s wear and home furnishings.

The twill weave means it has very attractive characteristic diagonal lines on the fabric which adds an interesting texture. Drill is quite similar to denim but is usually dyed and has a smoother appearance.

Use Drill To Make
The 100% cotton drill that we stock is medium weight and is ideal for clothing and home decor projects. Use it to make:

Heavier weight dresses
Uniforms and workwear such as coveralls
Home furnishings

Wash and tumble dry several times to pre-shrink and get rid of any excess dye. This will also soften the fabric if it needs it.

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